What we do

Interaction Design

It is important to get communities you are designing for to understand you, but have you also ensured that you understand them? Inclusive intervention design starts with the right interaction design. Whether it’s a product or a program, ensuring your end user can provide insights ensures your success. Similarly, ensuring communities can successfully communicate their needs and insights in a bias-free environment gets you started on your way to a successful development project.

Intervention design

Co-creation is at the core of humancentered design. Understanding that communities play a pivotal role in the success of intervention programs or products is key to the success of development projects.
We work with communities and development partners to co-create inclusive design systems which allow for a blend of locally existing knowledge and resources with global expertise.

Integration Design

Integrating design solutions is key in understanding systemic impact. It allows for communities to understand the depth alongside the breadth of development project impact. It also provides communities with evidence-based tools to evaluate the feasibility of proposed development projects.
Eventually ensuring that communities become stewards and custodians of their own data systems and creating space community generated knowledge systems alongside outside global expertise.

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